Sink in the Bedroom – Ideas and Design Tips

Sink in the Bedroom

Sink in the Bedroom – Ideas and Design Tips

If you don’t have an attached bathroom, a sink in the bedroom can be incredibly practical and make your daily routine much easier. A bedroom with a sink provides a place to brush your teeth in the morning and evening, as well as wash your face, and have quick access to water without having to leave the room. Some people especially very lazy kids don’t want to leave the room if there is no attached bathroom so a basin in the bedroom is a great convenience in the morning getting ready in the evening It also helps many people to relax.

But what type of sink is best for a bedroom? What design factors should you consider before installing one in your space? In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know, from the advantages of bedroom sinks to the most popular options, installation factors, design tips, and recommendations for the best products to consider.

Benefits of a Bedroom Sink

Installing a sink in the bedroom has several advantages:

  • Time Savings – A water source right in your bedroom eliminates that trip to the bathroom every time you need to wet your toothbrush or wash your face. The convenience means you save time during your morning and evening routines.
  • Improved Hygiene – When family members share a bathroom sink, germs easily spread by sharing toothbrushes, towels, etc. A sink in your private bedroom prevents the spreading of bacteria from person to person.
  • Increased Accessibility – For those with disabilities or limited mobility, a bedroom sink removes the obstacle of navigating to the bathroom. It also makes providing bedside care much easier for caregivers.
  • Added Convenience – With effortless access to water, you’re more likely to maintain habits like washing your face, taking medicine, moisturizing your hands, etc. It just becomes part of your room’s flow.
  • Kid Independence – Children can brush their teeth, wash up, and gain self-sufficiency with their own dedicated kids’ bathroom sink. This makes morning and bedtime so much easier on parents too. This is also the best choice for Teenager’s Bedroom.


Here are some cons of having a basin in the Bedroom

  • Costs: Putting in a new sink and pipes in the bedroom can be expensive. It costs more if major changes are needed.
  • Space: The sink and plumbing take up room in small bedrooms that don’t have a lot of space.
  • Noise: Running water and bathroom noises may bother some people and reduce privacy. Not an issue if on another floor.
  • Cleaning: Another sink means more work to keep it clean and prevent mold, stains, and clogged drains.
  • Leaks: More water sources in the home increase the risk of leaks leading to water damage.

Most Popular Types of Bedroom Sinks

Here are a few popular types of Bedroom sinks or basins

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal Sink in Bedroom

The pedestal sink is a bathroom classic. This freestanding style features a basin supported by a single central pedestal that hides the plumbing. The exposed pedestal base and lack of surrounding cabinetry give it an open, vintage look.

Pedestal sinks have a relatively compact footprint, making them a good option for large, spacious bedrooms where you have room for a stately stand-alone fixture. The basin overhang allows for some counter space as well. Just avoid tiny, cramped bedrooms where the pedestal base could get in the way.

Vessel Sink

Vessel Sink for Bedroom

Vessel sinks offer a contemporary, sleek look. Unlike drop-in sinks, a vessel basin sits directly on top of the counter, supported by the vanity or cabinetry underneath. This allows for stylish vessel materials like glass, stone, or metal.

Vessel sinks are ideal for modern, fashionable bathrooms. Since the sink itself is fairly petite, you can maximize the surrounding counter space in your bedroom. Just make sure to pick a height that feels comfortable for hand washing and teeth brushing.

Console Sink

Console Basin in Bedroom

Console sinks provide the stylish look of a vessel sink paired with the storage and functionality of a console table underneath. Like a vessel sink, the basin is wall-mounted. However, the plumbing is hidden within a freestanding console cabinet.

This is a great option to save space and add storage to a bedroom. Look for a console table with doors, shelves or drawers to stash extra toiletries, towels, hair products, etc. Sleek, modern designs work nicely as part of a contemporary bedroom suite.

Wall-Mounted Sink

Wall-Mounted Sink for Bedroom

As the name implies, a wall-mounted sink is installed directly on the wall, with no need for a vanity or cabinet underneath. This makes it perfect for small powder rooms or areas where space is tight.

Wall-mounted sinks come in simple rectangle basins, unique shapes, or artistic designs. Choose a sink that will make a statement in your bedroom. Coordinate with wall tile, wallpaper, or paint to highlight this functional focal feature.

Portable Sink

Portable Sink for bedroom

Portable sinks provide flexible water access that can easily move wherever needed. Many feature casters so they can roll from room to room. Some even fold up for compact storage when not in use.

Design Tips for Sink in the Bedroom

Here are some design tips for incorporating a sink into your bedroom:

  • Choose the right size – Make sure to pick a sink that is proportional to the size of your bedroom. An oversized sink can make the room feel cluttered. For smaller bedrooms, opt for a petite wall-mounted or vessel sink.
  • Allow proper clearance – Make sure there is enough clearance around the sink for daily use. At a minimum, allow 24-30 inches in front of the sink. If it is near a corner, make sure there is enough space to open drawers or cabinets.
  • Light it well – Proper lighting is key for tasks like putting on makeup. Install sconces or pendant lights on each side of the sink. You can also do recessed lighting above or LED lighting under the counter.
  • Select stylish faucets – The sink faucet makes a style statement. Pick a faucet in an eye-catching shape or color that complements your decor. Matte black and polished nickel are versatile finishes.
  • Incorporate storage – Maximize functionality by adding storage. Open shelving or a medicine cabinet above the sink keeps toiletries within reach. The drawers and cabinets below hold extras.
  • Include a mirror – A mirror is a bathroom essential. Install a handsome framed mirror or beveled edge mirror above the sink to check your appearance. Opt for a size in scale with the sink.
  • Add personality – Make the space your own with decor items you love. Display perfume bottles, soap dishes or decanters on the 

Final Thoughts:

No matter which type of sink you choose, a bedroom sink provides extra function and ease. Look for compact styles that will maximize your space while delivering the utility you desire. With a sink in your bedroom, you’re sure to get used to it every morning and night.

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