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Some topics we’d love content on include:

  • Bedroom gadget and tech reviews (smart lights, voice assistants, sleep trackers, etc)
  • Tips for designing a relaxing, comfortable Bedroom
  • Bedroom storage and organization ideas
  • Reviews of innovative bedroom furniture and decor
  • Advice for creating teen and kid’s bedrooms they’ll love
  • Small bedroom design and decorating
  • Eco-friendly and budget-friendly bedroom ideas
  • Sleep hygiene tips and bedroom products for better sleep

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Requirement for Free Guest Posting

  • Articles should be 800-2000 words in length. We accept longer posts too with approval.
  • Include at least two internal links.
  • Deliver unique, high-quality, and human-written content
  • Include 3 Images at least in the post.
  • Use royalty-free images/videos and credit sources.
  • Link to sources and sites you reference.
  • Avoid promoting only your products/services. Articles should appeal to our broader audience.
  • Stick closely to the bedroom-related topics listed above.
  • Check grammar, spelling, etc. Posts should be high-quality and well-written.
  • Understand that we will own the copyrights and can modify the post.


  • Don’t submit articles already published elsewhere or copied & AI Content.
  • Avoid promotional, affiliate, or broken links.
  • Stay relevant to the Bedroom niche.
  • Avoid copyright-protected or poor-quality images.
  • Do not submit posts encouraging unethical behaviour.

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