The Best Round Side Tables and End Tables for Your Bedroom – A Guide

Best round side tabls or round end tables

The Best Round Side Tables and End Tables for Your Bedroom – A Guide

Side tables are important but often overlooked pieces of furniture in any home. Side Tables help to keep lamps, books, remotes, and drinks as well as add style to the bedroom. If you’re looking to add or upgrade the side tables in your home, round shapes are a great option. Round side tables look decent, beautiful and space-saving.

A good side table or end side table provides extra space but also takes part in decor. In this blog post, I shall discuss some of the best round side tables and end tables that you can choose according to your needs.

The Benefits of Round Side Tables

There are some reasons round side tables are popular:

  • They fit in small spaces nicely. The round shape lets them tuck in close next to chairs, couches, and beds without sticking out awkwardly. This makes them good for compact homes or tight spaces.
  • They have an elegant, classic look. The smooth curved edges of a round table look timeless and sophisticated. They match both traditional and modern decor styles.
  • They prevent bruises. Unlike tables with sharp corners, round tables don’t cause bruises if bumped into accidentally. This makes them good for busy areas.
  • They allow flexibility in arranging furniture. Since there are no corners, round tables can be placed at an angle or very close together. This gives you more options when designing a space.

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Round End Table Size

Height and width are the two most important things when choosing round end tables. Normal end tables are 18-24 inches tall. The best height depends on how tall the furniture is that the tables go next to. It is good to pick an end table that is within 2 inches of the height of your couch or chair arm.

For width, it depends on what you want to use the Round side table for. I think it is best to find a good balance between helpful and nice-looking. Depending on the space, I like to have room on my end table for a lamp, a coaster, and maybe some simple decor like plain books or a pretty piece.

Where to place them, I like using round side end tables next to a single chair in a corner because it look nice between two armchairs. You might see these small end tables also called round accent tables or round side tables – they all mean the same thing.

Black Round End Tables:

Black round-end tables are a popular choice for bedrooms. The dark colour and clean lines give a decent and modern look. Tables can be of metal, wood and glass. Tables can work with many decor styles. I suggest place a round end table next to your bed it will look more beautiful. it can hold a colourful lamp, framed photos, flowers, and other things you need or put matching black round end tables on both sides of a sofa or chair. This makes a nice-looking seating area.

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  • Space-saving
  • Stylish and Cozy
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to adjust
  • Safety- No sharp corner


  • Limited surface area
  • Knocked over easily
  • Lack storage

Round Wood End Tables

The Wood round end Table is a good choice for a warm, natural look. Round-end tables made from oak, maple, walnut, or other woods can look very nice in a rustic, farmhouse, or traditional bedroom. Wood round end tables often have pretty natural grain patterns and smooth finishes that look even better with the passage of time and its use. Place a round wood end table next to a wingback chair or beside your bed. This will add more styling to decor.

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  • Warm and natural look
  • Made from nice woods like oak, maple, walnut
  • Smooth finishes that look better over time
  • Can fit with rustic, farmhouse, or traditional decor
  • Easy to adjust
  • Pretty grain patterns in the wood


  • Need be careful of water rings or stains on wood
  • Scratches or dents can happen
  • Not as shiny and bright as glass or metal
  • Heavy compared to other materials

Round Marble Side Tables

If you want something fancy and dramatic then choose a round side table with marble on top for your bed or living room. The shiny white or grey veins in the marble on a round table can instantly make a bedroom’s decor look better. You can use a small one to hold a lamp and little decor items in a seating area. You may also put a taller round marble side table next to the bed for an impressive bedside table.

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  • Looks fancy and dramatic
  • Marble has pretty white or grey veins
  • Can make the bedroom decor nicer
  • Good for small areas like seating
  • Easy to adjust


  • Marble can break if dropped
  • Spills and stains hard to remove
  • Cold and hard surface
  • Heavy to move around
  • Need extra care to prevent damage

Round Glass Side Tables

Round Sides or Round end tables are also available in Glass. For a light and open accent, try a round side table with a glass top. The table is made of strengthened glass and looks awesome. This makes them great for small bedrooms where you want to avoid too much stuff looking messy. The glass top of the table reflects light attractively while letting you see the base under it. It is observed that Smooth chrome, shiny metal, and skinny wood base tables look nice with round glass tabletops.

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  • Looks fancy and dramatic
  • Good for small rooms.
  • Can make the bedroom decor nicer
  • Light and open glass top.
  • Reflects light in an attractive way
  • Goes well with chrome, metal or wood bases


  • Glass can break or shatter if dropped
  • Scratches and chips can damage the surface
  • Cold and hard surface
  • Needs careful cleaning to avoid streaks
  • Can feel cold compared to other materials

Metal Round Side Tables

Metal round side tables often come in iron, brass, or gold finishes. They can look industrial, glamorous, and shiny. Iron has a dark silvery look. Brass has a bright golden look. Gold tables are very shiny yellow. These metal tables match modern, eclectic, or old-fashioned home designs. Their glowing metal colours add style. A metal table next to a couch or chair can be useful and look great.

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  • Elegant and classic appearance
  • Come in iron, brass, or gold finishes
  • Match modern, mixed, or old-looking home design
  • Durable and strong
  • Allows flexible furniture arrangements


  • Metal can get scratches and dents
  • Shows fingerprints and smudges
  • Makes noise if things bump it
  • Iron can rust, brass can tarnish


After reading above you can observe that round side tables are very useful. The round shape fits small areas. It looks classic and elegant too. No sharp corners mean no bruises. You can arrange them flexibly. So try a round side table. They work well if space is limited. They match any decor with their timeless style. You can place them creatively to open up space. I have also written many articles about Bedroom furniture and sinks in the bedroom and I have explained in very detail.

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