Light Up Your Bedroom: A Guide to Bedroom Sconce Lights

Best Bedroom Sconce Lights

Light Up Your Bedroom: A Guide to Bedroom Sconce Lights

Adding sconce lights is a smart way to light up your bedroom. Sconce lights are installed on walls and provide focused light without taking up space. Keep reading to learn all about using sconce lights in the bedroom. in this post, we shall cover all the topics related to Sconce Lights.

What are Bedroom Sconce Lights?

Bedroom sconce lights also known as wall lamps for the bedroom. They shine light in one direction and help you see better in bed. They’re good for reading, relaxing, or making the room look nice. Plus, they don’t take up space on your nightstand.

Why Use Sconces in the Bedroom?

Wall sconces give your bedroom some great benefits:

  • Softer Light: Sconces use low-wattage bulbs that save energy consumption and also give off a soft, cosy glow.
  • Focused Light: Sconces can direct light where you need it. Like over your bed for reading before bedtime.
  • Decor: These lights make your room more beautiful and add a personality.
  • Save Space: Sconces don’t take up any table or floor space like lamps. These lights Keep surfaces clutter-free.
11 Types of Bedroom Sconce Lights

11 Common Types of Bedroom Sconce Lights:

Here are 11 common types of Bedroom Sconce lights

01. Candle Sconces

Candle Sconces light for bedroom
Credit: Pinterest

Sconces designed to look like candles are a really fun way to add an old and classic touch. They remind me of early sconces but without the fire danger of an open flame.

You can find these artificial candle sconces in all kinds of styles to match any decor, from modern to traditional and everything in between. Many have a small shade or glass cover to mimic the ambience of a flickering candle. They come in different materials and also accept various types of bulbs.

Now, it’s good to keep in mind that since they’re going for a candle-like look, these sconces won’t illuminate a room as brightly as other types. They are best for creating an environment with softer, warmer light. But for that, they are fantastic! Who doesn’t love a cosy candlelight? These sconces allow you to get the mood without the fire. Pretty smart if you ask me.

02. Traditional sconces

Traditional sconces

Traditional sconces look so elegant and classy! They are wall luminaires with classic designs inspired by old historical styles. You will see many small intricate details carved into them, such as decorative patterns, curled arms, and elegant finishes meant to give them a sophisticated look.

They are usually made of materials such as brass, bronze, or wrought iron, materials that look rich and ornate. And they may have extras like crystal accents or frosted glass lampshades to add even more charm.

These traditional sconces are perfect for injecting a touch of timeless grace into any room. I imagine them flanking a bed in a bedroom or illuminating an entryway to give guests a warm welcome. They can even give a cozy atmosphere to your living room. If you want to feel like a king in your own home, traditional sconces are the way to go.

03. Picture lights

Picture lights sconces for bedroom

Picture lights are a must for art or photography lovers. They shine a soft, focused beam on the wall to highlight paintings or photographs. The light angle and warmth can be adjusted so that colors pop without glare.

Picture sconces work well for small and medium-sized works of art. For large pieces, try brighter wall sconces. Picture lights are made for indoor use to highlight art, not to illuminate an entire room.

The small concentrated light draws attention to the artwork. Helps highlight colors and details. You can customize the direction and tone of the light to complement the painting or photographs. Picture lights make the art the focal point.

04. Swing Arm sconces

Swing Arm sconces

Swing arm sconces can be moved and bent to aim light where you need it. You can pull the arm out from the wall and then adjust it up, down, left or right. When you’re done using it, simply fold it back against the wall to save space.

These adjustable sconces are ideal for small homes or apartments that don’t have many lights. They work well next to beds as you can place the light over your shoulder to read. The light is focused, so it may not illuminate an entire room.

A curtain helps direct the light beam. Some curtains can be removed. Before you buy it, think about where and how you will use it. Measure to see if the applique will fit when extended. If you will be using it a lot, get a sturdy accessory and a shade.

05. Brass Wall Light

Brass Wall Light
Image credit: Bing

Brass sconces add glamour! The warm glow of brass looks so luxurious on a bedroom wall. Vintage-style brass sconces have antique finishes that feel time-traveled and worldly. Minimalist brass sconces look super elegant and modern.

Flank your bed with brass sconces for beautiful decorative lighting. Its metallic shine makes a magnificent decorative statement. Brass adds a touch of elegance to any space. Light bounces gently off the brass surfaces, creating cozy ambient lighting. Brass sconces give bedrooms and living rooms an elegant and polished feel.

06. Recessed Cubby Lighting

Recessed Cubby Lighting
Credit: Pinterest

Recessed cubicle sconces add a dramatic touch. They are placed in niches on the wall to create cosy cove lighting. The hidden bulb provides a soft glow in the room. This sophisticated wall lighting looks like an architectural element. The wall light is built into the wall so the light is indirect. This creates a warm ambient lighting effect. Cubby sconces are a unique way to add style and interest to a bedroom. The lighting is more subtle and diffuse than that of normal wall sconces.

07. Wallchieres

Wallchieres wall lights

The Wallchieres look like floor lamps converted into wall lights. They combine decorative style with practical lighting. The arm directs the light upward, creating soft shadows and glow on the ceiling. Wallchieres come in endless designs, from elegant to casual. Choose a style that suits the personality of your room. Their unique shapes add style without taking up space.

Typically, indoor lights and wall lights illuminate rooms of any size and shape. But there are also durable outdoor Wallchieres. Avoid open exteriors that accumulate dirt and leaves.

With the right style, Wallchieres add a decorative touch while brightening your space. Its lighting creates a cosy and attractive atmosphere. Let a Wallchieres shine its unique charm in your room.

08. Boracay/Rosalie Sconces

Boracay Sconces

Bring nature into your bedroom lighting with organic sconces designs. The Boracay has woven rattan curtains in a cube shape, giving it a tropical and earthy vibe. Rosalie sconces have delicate metal petals or leaves that add a whimsical floral touch to your wall. Illuminated from within, they project a relaxing botanical silhouette.

09. Lantern Wall Sconces

Lantern Wall Sconces

Lantern sconces look like old-world handheld lanterns. Their unique style brings an eclectic touch wherever they are installed. These versatile sconces work well outdoors thanks to their durable design. They fit beautifully into older home styles. Choose from many styles to match your decor.

Lantern sconces make a style statement alone or grouped. They provide primary lighting indoors or outdoors depending on design and bulb. With their vintage style, lantern sconces add charming character. Let them shine with rustic charm or eclectic style in your indoor and outdoor spaces. Its durability and versatility light the way.

10. Adjustable Wall Lights

Adjustable Wall Lights

Get the perfect light position with adjustable wall sconces. The shade or light part tilts up and down so you can direct the lighting right where you need it most. Aim over your shoulder when you’re resting in bed reading. No more frustrating dim light! Adjustable appliqués give you control.

11. Armed Sconce

Armed Sconce

Armed sconces take part in the decor of the bedroom. They have a metal arm extended from the base that holds a hanging lamp. The classic arm shape adds visual interest to the wall sconce design. You can choose curved arms, straight arms, single or double arms – so many options!

Armed sconces provide a unique style with their well-formed decorative arms. The arms hold pendant lights in charming vintage-inspired styles. This architectural lighting looks timeless and elegant.

Choosing the Right Sconces

From traditional to modern, sconces come in endless shapes, sizes and styles. Consider the existing decor of your bedroom as you choose sconce fixtures. Also, think about factors like:

  • Light direction – Do you want up or down lighting?
  • Mounting – Will the sconce hang on the wall or attach to an outlet?
  • Material – Do you prefer metal, wood, or glass?
  • Size – Make sure the sconces aren’t too small or overpowering.
  • Controls – Dimmer switches allow you to adjust brightness.

Installation Tips:

Our Guide to Bedroom Sconce Lights will remain incomplete if I don’t provide you with general tips for installation. Installing bedroom sconce lights is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to follow these guidelines for better results.

  1. Determine Placement: Position the sconces at eye level when seated or lying in bed for comfortable reading and task lighting.
  2. Consider Wiring: You may hire a professional electrician to ensure safe and proper installation.
  3. Test the Lighting: Before securing the sconces in place, test the lighting to ensure the brightness and angle are suitable for your needs.
  4. Coordinate with Other Lighting: Bedroom sconce lights should complement existing overhead fixtures or other sources of light in the room for balanced illumination.
  5. Enjoy Your New Lighting: Once installed, sit back, relax, and enjoy the cosy ambience and functionality that bedroom sconce lights bring to your space.


In the end, wall lights look nice and are part of bedroom decor. If you want a better mood, more space, or better light for tasks, wall lights are practical and pretty. Our Guide to Bedroom Sconce Lights covers all the aspects of Wall lamps, and we hope it will help you to buy wall lights. Follow our other posts like Modern Bedroom Ceiling Lights to make your bedroom more beautiful. So don’t wait! Light up your bedroom with wall lights today!

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